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About us

We use professional graphic designers to create the visual design of our websites. Visual design is what they do best. Then, we use web developers to write nice clean code. That's what they do best. We've got over 20 years of marketing experience to help guide the process. We must be doing something right - we keep winning awards. For the last four years we've been awarded the Readers Choice Award from the Durham Business Times for Best Web Design Company in Durham.

We believe in giving back and contributing to our education system. Our senior web developer advises colleges on what to teach in web design while our resident marketing expert does the same for the marketing curriculum. We conduct seminars for new businesses and fast-growth companies teaching them what they need to know about having a successful on-line presence.

Should be a balance of sound business strategy; function that empowers the client and end user strives to understand each client's organization. and, appeal that brings home your message. Web Solutions, Inc. strives to understand each client's organization so that we can implement a customized plan for the creation of a web presence that effectively melds a number of professional services.

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